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Logo Facts
We all know what logos are and have seen thousands of them throughout our life time, but what exactly are the origins of logos? As most of us know, logos are iconic symbols used to represent a company, organization, product, place, or service. The word “logo” is derived from the original word “logotype.” Before mechanical typesetting came about, people in printing offices assembled type into a composing stick, picking up individual letters as they went. This process took time, and in order to save some time, commonly used words such as, the, and, and etc. were created onto a single body of type. This composite piece of type was called a Logotype. As technology improved, the same idea was used to create a design, or symbol representing the identity of a company.Logos are extremely vital towards setting your brand apart from others. Your logo is what uniquely identifies your company, organization, event, product, or service. Elements such as color, shape, and type design are important factors towards identifying your business so that individuals may get a sense of what you are about. In order to protect your brand, you should trademark your logo once it is designed. This ensures that no one else can steal it to use for their own purposes. Another way you can protect your logo is by uploading a low resolution of it whenever it is used online.

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Logo Facts


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