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Fully satisfied with my Real cards! The team is very creative and willing to work with you to get exactly what you are looking for. I felt the prices are very reasonable for for the local personal service you receive!

Denise H.
Denise H.Marion, MA

I have been very pleased with the marketing materials for my clients that I have ordered thru Beyond Bold Media!!  Sonia is amazing to work with…professional and very creative!!  I will continue to take advantage of such great artistic ability!!

Carol S.
Carol S.
Sarah H.
Sarah H.

I have recently order marketing material for my listings from Beyond Bold Media. They were very  helpful, their designs were very creative  and the quality and pricing was fabulous and very competitive. Most important was the turn around time……beyond bold media was extremely responsive ! I will definitely order my marketing material from them again!

Laura S.
Laura S.

Free Business Networking Night

PageLines- 2.pngJoin a free business to business networking night at Destination SouthCoast on Tuesday July 22 from 6 to 8 pm. Bring plenty of business cards to share and put your name in our online business directory. Destination SouthCoast is a new enterprise in our region and the only one that offers free membership. We want to strengthen our economy for everyone. While you are at the networking night, you can learn from one of our marketing advisors how to check on your business is showing up online and how to make its visibility stronger. Absolutely no obligation for coming. Our goal is to help our local businesses network and grow. For more information and to RSVP so that we can make sure to have enough food and drinks, call 508-997-8844. We’ll see you at 145 Fairhaven Road, Mattapoisett which is the welcome center for Beyond BOLD Media, the creators of Destination SouthCoast.


Professional Typography Tips and Tricks

Get the Most out of Your Type with these Typography Tips & Tricks

In almost every design aspect, typography is an essential element towards achieving that professional designed look. No matter how well other design aspects are put together, it won’t have as much of an impact if the typography isn’t strong. Below are a few tips to keep your typography skills most effective.

Choose Appropriate Typefaces
It is important to take the time to choose typefaces that work best with your design as well as the type of feel you are going for. Mix it up. Don’t go for the same typefaces you always use. Discover new typefaces that work together well.

Limit the Amount you Use
Do not go overboard with a multitude of different typefaces, as it will will give off a cluttered effect. Allow certain typefaces to stand out. If you are using 10 different ones, chances are none of them will catch your eye. Instead, use different weights and styles to differentiate your type. If you are going to use more than one, the general appropriate amount would be 2-3.

Keep Them Different
When pairing typefaces together, be sure to differentiate them enough. For example, if you are using a serif typeface, choose a sans serif to go with it. Using two different serifs or two different sans serifs, generally does not work well and looks like a mistake rather than an intention.

This is one of the top things to keep in mind when designing. Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard with layering elements and stacking type on top of images, however this can become overly cluttered and unreadable. Be sure your type is legible and easily read. Choose colors, weights and point sizes that are appropriate to go with your design, while also remaining legible for everyone to read.

This is yet another important design aspect. Decide which type you want to stand out most in order of hierarchy. If everything is treated the same, nothing will stand out. Instead, your type will appear blended together making it less appealing to read.

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Why Typography Matters

The Importance of Good Typography

When it comes to graphic design, there are a variety of directions you could take such as, logo design, publication design, presentation design, stationary design including business cards, wedding invites, letterheads, and so forth. Within all these forms of design there is typically one vital element that is associated, typography.

In the world of graphic design good typography is everything. It is what initially attracts the eye of the viewer. This is achieved by use of hierarchy. For example, if everything is the same weight, nothing will stand out. It is important to dictate which words you want to be most prominent by emphasizing them in such a way as to set them apart from others. Typography ultimately depends on the visual contrast between one typeface (font) and another. If you cram everything together with dense text, readers will view this as a wall of grey making their brains reject it. There has to be enough visual contrast between the text in order to make it easier for the brain to read. It is known that serif typefaces make it easier to read large sums of text. Serifs are the small lines (feet) attached to the end of a stroke in a letter. Times New Roman is an example of a serif typeface. Serifs make it easier to read because of the little feet attached to the letters. These “feet” help guide your eye. Sans Serif typefaces are great for small amounts of type, such as headings and titles. This type does not have the small lines attached to the strokes in letters. Helvetica is an example of a sans serif typeface.

Typography also has a great impact on the kind of feel or emotions you want to reflect. Choose fonts and colors that are creative and down to earth if that is what you want to showcase. Are you  a high end hair salon? Then use sophisticated colors such as black, white or grey along with the appropriate typeface that you feel adds to this look. You can also incorporate other design elements with your typography to further your design. Choose your fonts wisely in order to accommodate your other design aspects such as images or shapes. You want everything to flow and fit together nicely.

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